What is the International Real Estate Federation FIABCI?

FIABCI members are located in over 60 countries around the globe, organised through 43 national and multi-national chapters represented by real estate professionals in 60 countries; Federation of 100 national real estate associations; Special consultant with NGO status to the Economic and Social Council of the United Organisation (ECOSOC).

FIABCI represents all real estate disciplines:

* Brokerage.
* Property management.
* Valuation / appraisal.
* Property development and consulting.
* Lawyers.
* Insurers.
* Architects.
* Urban Planner.

FIABCI represents all types of property:

* Leisure.
* Office.
* Industrial.
* Residential.
* Retail.
* Rural.

FIABCI members’ activities are divided into 4 categories:

* Brokers
Brokers cover the fields of residential, office, industrial, retail, leisure, land, and farm.

* Experts

Experts is one of the largest councils, gathering architects, assessors, lawyers, engineers, surveyors, consultants, title companies, and educators.

* Managers

Managers practice in the following fields: office buildings, condos, rental buildings, retail, industrial, and assets.

* Developers

Developers gather the professionals of builders, funds, financial institutions as well as promoters.

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